I survived the first and second day… in my book that’s a huge accomplishment. My mom called me today and told me that the doctor who took care of her said “she is such a nice person and who knows where she (my mom) would be without me that night.” ūüėÄ That always makes me feel better. If you’re thinking you have no idea what I mean, that’s okay, It’s not really important.¬†

I just decided that when I look back on my blog, I want to not only remember the journey, but what happened in my life.



So, being from NY living in FL, I miss a lot of NY things… One of them being a decent cream cheese bagel.¬†Anyone who knows me, knows i am a bagel queen.¬†So, I found this bagel place called Brooklyn Bagel. It has THE best iced coffee i’ve ever tasted.¬†not. even. kidding.¬†Even though I don’t LOVE their bagels, I thought,¬†if i’m going to stop for¬†a much needed¬†coffee, then I should probably just get a bagel, right?¬†


Our cafeteria is under construction and my kiddos eat lunch in our classroom. Therefore, the only time I have to use the ladies room is 9:15-9:45 during their fine arts time. (Which I had a peach during their fine arts time) Around 10:30, I felt it coming. I quickly grabbed some Imodium while the kiddos read. 

That was a breaking point… I can’t run to the restroom and leave my five and six year olds alone.¬†


Decided to eat paleo for lunch because it was easy. I had 5 slices of turkey and a hard boiled egg. 



I WAS STARVING at the end of the day! I ate my carrots during our team meeting.


It’s one of my student’s birthday tomorrow and decided that I needed to get decorations for her birthday. I stopped in Target and thought I was going to keel over and die checking out. My stomach feels like crap.¬†I came home and the imodium wore off.¬†

What is wrong with my body?  OUCH!




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