First day of school…

I’m a first grade teacher and today was back to school day.

I’m trying to taper off wheat/gluten and eat a lot of veggies and protein… sort of as a diet before the diet. I know, all the serious people do that.



I ate my Barabara’s peanut butter cereal. I’m addicted to it and it’s on the “healthier” side of cereal. 


By the time snack rolled around, I WAS STARVING. Maybe looking at all the yummy snacks my students packed didn’t help either. 😉



I made avocado and chicken salad. I just put together 2 things I like…not really that hard to guess and made my lunch. Oops, I added a tablespoon of not paleo mayo.

Not hungry for like 4 hours after eating this… SCORE!



2 eggos with butter and syrup. There’s something about the ease of throwing them in the toaster that gets me. Damn, you eggos. I’ll miss you once I go paleo. 

who says they will miss Eggos… are you seeing why I need to start this ASAP?


On a side rant….

I don’t think I’m ever going to want to eat eggs for breakfast every morning. especially not without cheese or bread. Good thing my new blender that I picked up at Brandsmart for $19 will come in handy. 🙂





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